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Introduction and Action Plan

Updated: Apr 7, 2020

Written by Ally Jaffee - 4th year medical student & co-founder of Nutritank

What is Nutritank about?

I co-founded Nutritank with my medical student colleague Iain Broadley in 2017. We believed that nutrition and lifestyle medicine education in medical training was inadequate. Nutritank connects and empowers like-minded people who want to provide more meaningful patient advice, by expanding their knowledge of food, nutrition and lifestyle medicine. We believe that this will benefit medical professionals, patients and wider society.

We all have a responsibility to our current and future generations of doctors to make a change, and we are in the ideal position to make that difference. By working with medical schools, nutrition and dietetic organisations around the UK, Nutritank has evolved into an innovative information hub of food, nutrition and lifestyle medicine. Originating at Bristol Medical School in 2017, Nutritank now has over 15 Nutritank society branches at medical schools, and is regularly involved with social media curating key projects on a local and national scale.

Our team is part of an inter-professional working group tasked by the General Medical Council (GMC) to ensure more nutrition education is integrated within UK undergraduate medical school curricula.

In 2019, we formed a coalition with the organisations NNEdPro (Need for Nutrition Education Programme) and Culinary Medicine UK, who share our belief in promoting greater nutrition and lifestyle medicine in medical education.

Check out our new website www.nutritank.comto explore our new e-learning resources around nutrition & lifestyle medicine and all the other amazing new functions.

Instagram: nutritank_official

Twitter: nutritank_info


What is Nutritank doing to support people during the Covid-19 pandemic?

1) Contribute to #beat_covid

2) Connect healthcare students with our Facebook platform – Healthcare Students United Against COVID-19

3) Collaborate with food brands to donate to NHS workers.

4) Create the social media campaign, #togetherevenwhenapart to promote community.

What do we hope you learn from our content over this period?

We will be releasing recipes for you to cook at home, using simple staple ingredients you will have at home. The recipes will be easy to follow, nutritious, and more importantly, delicious!

We also are looking to share your tips and advice. We asked 50+ NHS workers and healthcare students* a series of questions to assess how they are coping with grocery shopping, maintaining a healthy diet and the social aspect of mealtime. The response was overwhelming! We hope they provide faith, support and empowerment.

*we received permission to publish their data and their identities have been anonymised

That's all from us for now. More posts to follow to keep you up to date on nutrition during COVID-19.

Lots of love ,

The Nutritank Core Team & Branch Leads

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