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The Science Behind Mindfulness

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Resculpting the Brain

Mindfulness training has been shown to reshape the brain's structure - increasing grey matter density in areas which function in learning and memory and emotional regulation

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Easing Anxiety

Research shows Mindfulness training can be effective for reducing anxiety. The paper below shows a reduction in symptoms as a function of decreased activation of the amygdala in the brain - a fear processing centre

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Preventing Depression

Mindfulness-based interventions have been consistently found to be effective versus control for preventing recurrence of Depression. Some studies have shown that Mindfulness is as effective


Shaping Physiology

Heart Rate Variability (HRV) has become a reliable marker for stress and the state of the autonomic nervous system. In the study below, healthy participants underwent Mindfulness

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Improving Memory

The study below is one of many showing the Mindfulness enhances our working memory. In this example, such an enhancement was seen after as little as 2 weeks of Mindfulness training. It was also accompanied by a standardised US admission test after Mindfulness training.

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Building Concentration

It has been shown that as little as 5 days of Mindfulness training can produce significant enhancement in attentional capacities. This paper also showed that Mindfulness produced improved immune function and decreased cortisol levels

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Reducing Stress

Reduction in stress is perhaps the most well-established benefit of Mindfulness in the literature. There is a robust base of evidence to support this link, some of which is summarised in the review below.

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Enhancing Performance

Since anxious thoughts can disrupt cognitive control, Mindfulness' ability to reduce anxiety is important in producing optimum performance. The study below found that Mindfulness correlated with a higher score on specifically high-stakes and high pressure examinations.