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Thank you for visiting Beat COVID: Get Prepared - our daily campaign to protect the wellbeing of healthcare workers in the fight against COVID.


Our Purpose

COVID-19 is putting unprecedented strain on global healthcare systems, with healthcare workers being tasked with working longer, more erratic hours under tremendous emotional stress.

At the same time, an unfortunate consequence of social distancing measures is that maintaining wellbeing has the potential to become more challenging than ever. As gyms close and social interaction is minimised, the framework that maintains the welfare of our healthcare staff is under threat - all at a time when we need our brilliant NHS workforce the most.

Fight COVID: Get Prepared is our campaign to protect the wellness of our invaluable NHS staff through this difficult period. Join us for our daily wellbeing content, specifically designed for the challenge of keeping a healthy mind and body whilst fighting the COVID battle. 

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Daily Mindfulness recordings to help you keep a clear head 

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Keep in shape without leaving home with our quick workouts and yoga sequences

Healthy Fruit Salad


Novel advice for keeping a healthy and affordable diet during the COVID outbreak



Advice on how to cope with challenging shift patterns and sleep stress

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From July, we'll be releasing new content on a weekly basis

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BeatCOVID Featured in The BMJ Online

21st April 2020

'Rapid Response' Letter: PPE For Wellbeing


British Society for Lifestyle Medicine 
Creates Formal Partnership with BeatCOVID

14th May 2020

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'Coping with COVID' Nutrition Blog


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