Creating a Pro-Sleep Schedule


Put aside time before your planned bedtime for winding down. Ideally this would be 1 – 2 hours. But put aside what you think is feasible for you. It's important to give this time the same status as your other commitments, so block it out in your calendar or diary.

Next, pick out activities that you enjoy, and that are relaxing in a passive way. Reading, going for a stroll or listening to music would all fit the bill. 

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Sometimes sleep just won't come. When you're awake for more than about quarter of an hour, the best thing you can do is get up and out of your bedroom. This way you make sure your bedroom remains a place for sleep.

Take your time to relax doing something you enjoy, and only when you feel sleepy (nodding off, yawning, your eyes starting to itch) should you return to bed.